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Benefits Of Professional Grooming



Dog grooming is a necessity not a luxury for your canine, but it does not have to break the bank. Regular professional grooming will make your dog look and smell great and enhance their overall health and well being.


1. Regular Grooming Is Healthy

If you let an inexperienced person take care of them, your furry friend may end up with scratches, cuts, and skin irritations. No one is more knowledgeable and skilled at making your dog handsome without causing injuries than a professional pet groomer. Moreover, a professional groomer can often spot bumps, lumps, and wounds on your pet’s skin as well as possible skin or ear infections. This will put you in a better position to identify any health issues your dog might be suffering at its early stage. A groomer may also be able to apply products to help relieve small irritations or they can recommend a visit to your veterinarian for proper treatment. The groomer’s trained eyes are a valuable tool in helping monitor your pet’s overall health.

2. Hassle-Free Nail Trimming

Long nails can cause many problems for dogs. They can create discomfort while walking, and cause your pooch to walk in an abnormal fashion, which can lead to bone malformations and arthritis if left untreated.Most dogs need a nail trim at least once a month and for most owners, nail trimming is a dreaded task. Oftentimes, canines do not like the process so you might end up cutting their nails too short or putting the task off entirely. A professional dog groomer knows how to make your furry friend cooperative. Most importantly, they will cut your dog’s nails to the appropriate length. The trained eye of the groomer will also get an up close view of your dog’s feet and can spot concerns such as swelling, tangled fur, and dry or cracked pads.

3. Professional Hair Care

An un-groomed coat leads to matted hair, which pulls the skin and can be quite uncomfortable for your dog. If your dog has a curly or fine coat, it is crucial for you look out for mats. Over time, these mats may lead to sores and may become hiding spot for fleas and ticks. To avoid this, quality vet care recommends regular grooming. Grooming also reduces shedding, a common cause of indoor allergens. The best way to eliminate unwanted shedding inside your house is to get your dog to the groomers. These professionals will remove dander and any loose hair during the cleaning process. Also, they know how to give your canine the best hairstyle.

4. Use of the Right Grooming Supplies

Like humans, dogs have special needs. Dogs with long hair will need different grooming supplies than those with short hair. Professional groomers know this, and use the most suitable grooming supplies for your canine.

5. Detection of Parasites

Professional groomers can immediately tell if your dog has parasites. They will check every inch of your pet for fleas, ticks, and other parasites that may not be visible to you. Fleas are often spotted while in the tub while ticks are found during the drying process as your pooch’s entire coat is split line by line until dry. While doing so, groomers will also remove any dead coat and check for abnormal skin growth..

6. Anal Gland Expression

Normally, dog feces are firm. When your dog defecates, the anal glands become empty. But when your dog’s stools are soft, they won’t exert enough pressure on the glands. And this can result in the glands failing to empty, causing discomfort when the full anal gland pushes on the anus.

Though you can empty the glands, a groomer or vet is a better option especially if you are not trained to do it. This need is addressed through anal gland expression. This technique involves squeezing the anal glands so its contents are released through the small openings on the sides of the anus.

Anal gland expression is done to maintain your canine’s hygiene and to eliminate discomfort if the anal glands can’t empty themselves. These eliminates behavior associated with this discomfort such as dragging their posterior on the ground, biting or licking at the anus, chasing their tails, or having difficulty standing or sitting. If your canine is constantly suffering from anal gland problems, you must figure out if it is a soft stool issue, an allergic response, or an inflammatory response. Addressing the root cause of your pet’s discomfort is the best way to deal with this problem.

7. Proper Massage Techniques

Your dog can greatly benefit from a massage. These benefits include stimulating the circulatory system and eliminating stressors. Massaging your dog, however, can be a hard task if you are not aware of their muscle groups. A professional groomer is trained to give your dog a pleasurable and healthy massage.

8. Fresh Smelling

Dogs should not smell bad. The smell that almost everyone is so used to is a result of an improperly groomed or dirty dog. Dogs do not want to smell bad any more than you do. Make sure to have a professional groomer keep the bad smell out of your dog’s hair and your house for a happier canine and home.

9. Valuable Dog Care Tips

Professional groomers will check your dog’s skin. Whether their skin is too oily or too dry, these professionals can make dietary recommendations to ensure your dog’s health and well-being. Remember that the skin of your canine will reflect their diet. When it is imbalanced, your canine will have unhealthy skin. Aside from dietary recommendations, groomers can also provide you with extra dog care tips for daily maintenance, such as teeth and ear cleaning. 

10. A Great Time to Bond with Your Pet

Most dogs enjoy having their hair brushed because it feels like a relaxing massage. Brushing your dog’s teeth or cleaning their ears is an opportunity for you to spend some quality time with your pet. End every grooming session with a reward in the form of an ear or tummy rub.

A coat free of burrs, tangles, and mats and a skin free of ticks and fleas are as comfortable to your canine as clean and fresh clothes are to you. It will make you feel great, and the effect is similar on your pet. If you have a family member who suffers from allergies, keeping your dog clean is essential.

11. Emotional Health

Dogs in good physical shape are happier than those in poor condition. If your dog’s fur is matted or if their nails are too long, they’re in a state of discomfort. In turn, this can make them exhibit personality changes that can range from mild irritability to outright violent behavior. In fact, your dog may even become depressed. To avoid this, you must brush your dog’s hair daily or weekly with the right comb and take them regularly to a professional groomer.

As a dog owner, you have the responsibility to take your dog for a daily walk and keep up with regular grooming. But keeping your canine clean is more than just a pampering session.

Grooming won’t just make your pet free of bad odor and feel comfortable but will also help detect any health issues. Though frequency will greatly depend on your dog’s lifestyle, breed, and coat type, regular grooming will keep your pet a clean, healthy companion to you. So there’s no doubt about it, dog grooming is a worthy investment.