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Do Dogs Really Like Music?

Benefits of Music for Dogs and Cats


Music is well known for having a general calming effect on humans, but studies are also showing that our canine and feline friends can reap tangible benefits from these soothing sounds as well. Tests have shown quantifiable benefits in dogs who are being cared for with music versus those without. When they hear music., otherwise hyperactive dogs and cats show a significant reduction in heart rate and breathing rate  One particular study showed that even when under general anesthesia, cats and dogs display reduced stress levels while exposed to soft music. These benefits are well known among dog trainers as well, many of whom use a form of music therapy to calm pets and help them focus.  In a kennel setting, music is especially beneficial in helping to curb separation anxiety. When coupled with a familiar toy or clothing item from home, familiar music can help keep your pet calm and relaxed with the comfortable feelings of home.  In addition, music helps to mask unfamiliar and possibly scary noises that could otherwise upset your dog or cat.  When they are staying with us, especially for the first time, music can help them fell less nervous about their new surroundings.  

It’s been shown time and time again that dogs seem to really enjoy music. As the old saying goes, it really does soothe the savage beast.  At Lucky Mutz Pet Resort, we are firm believers in the soothing powers of soft music. All of the pets in our care receive a gentle mix of soft classic and contemporary tunes to help keep them calm and happy during their stay with us. It’s just one of the special, caring touches you can expect from Lucky Mutz Pet Resort.